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   TAPES                    BRANDS                MRO PRODUCTS

       DUCT TAPE    1                           PERMATEX                                                          Wipes

      ELECTRICAL                             NATIONAL STARCH                                Cheese-cloth

      DOUBLE FACED                       HENKEL                                    Thermal Transfer Ribbons

     FOAM TAPE                               LOCTITE                                                              Labels

     KAPTON                                     SUPERIOR/NOTRAX                             Hot-Melt Glues

     FILM                                           TOTAL SOURCE                                Adhesives Epoxies

     INSULATING                             BRUSH RESEARCH                          Polybags/zip-locks

    NOISE DAMPENING               STANDARD ABRASIVE                                   Matting    

    LACING CORD                         SIA/CAPCO                                                 Tubing / Hose

   MAGNETIC                                ARROW HOSE/TUBING                          Poly-Sheeting

   WINDOW GLAZING                 DUNBAR HEAT SHRINK               Packaging Material      
   CARPET                                      GOJO                                                Cable-Ties / Twist-Ties

   UHMW                                        OSBORN BRUS                               Cotton Swabs/ q-tips

    BUTYL RUBBER                       PURITAN/HARDWOOD                                 Lubricants

   VINYL                                          STEINEL                                        Cleaner / Degreasers

  MARKING                                  LADDAWN                                         Buffing Compound

  AIRCRAFT                                  MIRKA                                            VCI Paper / films / bags
  ADVANCED EXCELSIOR            VCI                                                               Evaporust

 WIRE HARNESS                         DAUBERT/CROMWELL VCI                     Absorbants

  CAUTION                                     DUPONT                                        Heat-Shrink Tubing

  INDENTIFICATION                   SHUFORD                                                    Heat Guns

 CONVENTION                            INTERTAPE POLYMER                              Glue Guns

  SPLICING                                    3M                                                               Trailer Seals

  FOIL                                             DEWAL                                                              Markers

  SHIELDING                                TYCO                                                         Drum Liners

 SURFACE PROTECTION          SCAPA                                                   Trash can liners

  ANTI-SKID                                  ARLON                                                      Tacky - Mats

  HIGH-TEMPATURE                   BREYDEN                                                 Wire brushes